EBICO control system

EBICO BMS electronicintelligent control system

PLC control
DCS control
Instrument control



Combustion management system is an integral and important part for control of the entire combustion process. Depending on different types of EBICO burners, there mainly are the following two combustion management systems:

• the programmable controller and proportional regulator with specialized curing process are used to achieve the burner control and precise temperature regulation, and this system is mainly used in mechanical adjustment burners.

• With PLC and touch-screen mode, it can be flexibly designed according to different projects and technological requirements we can understand the whole combustion process and parameters via a touch screen and, if necessary, we can modify the set parameters through the touch screen. Independent regulation of fuel and combustion air can be achieved, and the best results of combustion can be realized through testing the oxygen content in flue gas; using the fan frequency conversion technology can maximize power saving and reduce noise. This system is applied to all types of burners, and is mainly used in electronic proportional control and fan frequency conversion control burners.