EBICO liquid delivery system

Oil pump unit

The light oil and heavyoil pump units provided by EBICO are provided with one-way or two-way (of whichone is in use while the other is for standby) filter and oil pump, and a heater(heavy oil). A two-way system is applied to ensure that the system does nothave to stop working at the time of routine maintenance or failure. Heavy oilcan be heated by use of electricity, heat-conducting oil, steam and other mediato reach the viscosity required for spraying.

Light oil and heavy oil types providedby EBICO match with valve units, fast automatic fuel shutoff valve for burners,fast automatic shutoff valve for atomizing media, fast automatic shutoff valve foroil pipe and gun purging, pressure controllers, pressure gauges andthermometers (only for heavy oil); the modular design makes it to install quicklyand easily.