We have been engaged in the research and development, design andmarketing of burners; we have established a strategic cooperative relationshipwith the teams from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and China, andwe have the ability to optimize and integrate the European cutting-edgecombustion technology resources, thus establishing the EBICO cutting-edgestrategic system.Our company has set up strategic partners or factories inItaly, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and China, so we possess richexperience and many customers in the design, research and development,marketing services and resource optimization of large-scale burners, fuelsupply systems and control systems.Our research focuses on large industrialburners, the burners that meet non-standard combustion requirements, and somehigh-precision combustion equipment.

EBICO offers both standard and non-standard burners.EBICO burnerscanadapt to harsh environments depending on scientific use ofadvanced separationtechnologies. EBICO burners fully meet the working conditions and requirementsof boilers, power plants, industrial boilers, heat-conducting oil boilers,waste incinerators, asphalt mixers and other thermal equipment.With advancedand unique design concepts, EBICO has been popular ina lot of burner markets,providing our customers with the most reliable burner products andrelevantservices, as well as the configurations of various energy-efficientfuels.

We are able to provide many types of burners and their control andfuel systems, and thepower range ofthe burners is 85kw-86000kw: includingtraditional fuel burners, non-standard custom burners, low nitrogen burners,pulverized coal burners, multi-fuel burners and low calorific value fuelburnersand so on.